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My Computer, My World

Jan 30, 2011 | Hobbies, Information Technology

My computer is the tool I use to do business. It allows me to write code, test it, create graphics and move tested websites from my computer to a web host. It allows me to communicate with clients and manage many other aspects of my business. But it also plays a huge role in my life outside of my business. I probably need to get out more…

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My computer, my social life

I do like to get out of the office/house once or twice a year (joking), but my computer is my conduit to many of my friends. I’m using social media (mainly twitter), chat apps (mainly Google Talk), VOIP apps (mainly Skype) and online gaming to communicate with friends.

My computer, my PA

I run evernote to keep track of random musings, captured on my PC keyboard, or on my android phone (voice notes, voice to text, pictures or video). It is so important to record something when you have the thought – otherwise, it’s likely gone forever. I also use Zoho’s free database (creator) to store various collections of information.

My computer, my distributed information repository

Most of my information lives in the internet now. My websites, blogs, files (through dropbox), documents (through Google Docs) and music (through Grooveshark) are all in the cloud. Accessible from any internet-connected PC (or smartphone).

My computer, my recording studio

I run a number of recording applications, but mainly Cakewalk Sonar Producer and FL Studio Producer. These applications allow me to record multiple instruments simultaneously, sequence, mix and master complete songs to a professional standard. I can apply all conceivable effects, and run complex synthesisers entirely in software. 0The power of these digital audio workstations is truly remarkable – just 20 years ago a four-track cassette recorder was the best I could aspire to.

My computer, my video editing suite

Same goes for video editing. I can edit full HD video and apply all sorts of effects and transitions with ease. My video camera has a USB connection to download footage, and I can even use footage taken on my smartphone.

My computer, my television

The stuff I watch on youtube, I’d never find on RTE. Concert footage, music instruction, programming tips, obscure documentaries. I now dictate what I want to watch, and when I want to watch it. Suffice to say, I don’t watch much TV anymore.

My computer, my mall

I buy online a lot – the stuff I buy is generally not available in my local town, or even in the nearby city. If it is available, it probably costs a lot more. I keep tabs on bargains and promotions, and often pick stuff up at a fraction of its RRP. DVDs, clothes, games, electronics, software and more – I get it delivered to my door.

My computer, my rumpus room

Outside of music, I have some other hobbies, often involving programming and electronics. I’m currently having fun with a programmable robotic arm, which I’m preparing to control with an arduino. I also want to build a hardware MIDI synth over the next year.

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