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WordPress/WooCommerce and E-commerce Expert

After 13 years in corporate, working primarily in software quality, I started Spiralli Business Solutions . I work with small, medium enterprises, and large enterprises.

My main professional passion is web development, although I don’t get as much of an opportunity to do custom development as I’d like. To give our clients the best possible value for money, I’ve made it my mission to become an expert in a number of content management systems. WordPress is my favourite platform,and I use it in many of the web projects I take on. By using and adapting off-the-shelf software, I can come up with a solution that meets the client’s requirements at an acceptable price point.

I’m an expert in e-commerce. I’ve helped take a large e-commerce platform from €300,000 revenue to €1,500,000 revenue in 3 years. I also helped to take a small startup from 0 to €100,000 revenue in 9 months. The devil’s in the detail with e-commerce, and all the following need to be right for success:

  • Design
  • On-site SEO
  • Navigation & mobile friendliness
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Business intelligence through analytcs

I excel at:

  • WordPress/WooCommerce – I know the system, the best plugins, theme frameworks and how to customise WordPress
  • E-commerce development, consultancy and management
  • Project management for larger software projects